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Our values are:

  • Trust is quality
  • Quality requires intensification
  • Intensification requires time
  • Time generates trust

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CRE (Commercial Real Estate) PREMISES is a Finnish privately-owned company that offers upper management consulting in matters related to commercial properties. The main focus of operation is in Finland, but with the help of a good international cooperation network and extensive experience we are able to serve our customers around the world.

In the challenging and constantly changing commercial environment of today, every company is looking for secure solutions in order to minimise financial risks and threats and improve their profitability. CRE PREMISES helps customers with questions related to properties and the need for premises, from a business perspective and taking practical matters into consideration.

Contact us if you are looking for a long-term partner who will support the growth of your company, or if you are looking for a solution to individual questions. We guarantee that our service is of high quality and confidential while taking the needs of your company into consideration. Our objective is that every customer is 100% satisfied with the end result.