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Are you leasing premises? We will offer the correct solution for you!

Tell us your company’s needs and what you expect from the new premises. We listen carefully and analyse your needs. We survey alternatives and offer you premises that meet your needs as closely as possible. In this way, you can avoid any unnecessary work and fully focus on your business operations. We will find new and functional premises for you, as our competent and service-oriented personnel know the properties on the market and will find a solution that will help your company succeed.

We offer the leasing services of premises to both tenants and lessors.

Are you planning to sell premises? We can help!

Give us a call or send an email and our experts will be in touch. We will survey your property professionally and confidentially. We will present a solution for you that will support the objective you have set while considering your needs and wishes. Whether the property to be sold is a major portfolio or an individual property, we guarantee that we focus 100% on a successful sale.

Are you looking for an investment property or a property for your own use? We will give you our expertise and market knowledge!

We wish to help you as we are familiar with the market! Contact us and we will tell you about the kinds of premises available on the market, or premises that are not officially for sale. We will review your investment plan together or your need for premises, as it is better to make major long-term financial decisions together, with the help of experts. After the assessment, our experts will provide you with properties that are available for purchase while carefully considering your objective.

Do you need a valuation document of your property assets, with the help of years of experience?

You should only use the best in the field when having your property valued so that you will receive the most reliable information on the current value of your property. Our years of experience guarantee that you will receive reliable valuation documents on the basis of comparison material and the current market situation. Contact us today and we can set up a meeting!